Otto, His Auto & Pluto

There once was a man named Otto.  Who bought a brand new auto.


He said owning a new car is fun, I think I'll let it shine in the sun.  But it baked until the paint went elflato.  Now, Otto had a dog named Pluto.  And Pluto loved to ride in autos. 

But Pluto loved mud and water too.  Needless to say the car no longer looked new.  Too bad for the auto, Pluto and Otto.  Now winter was soon coming along.  And Otto thought, I have to stop treating my car so wrong. 

I have to restore the looks of my auto, protect it from the snow, ice and Pluto, and bring its value back up to where it belongs.  I know the place just for us.  I'll take my car to Seal Plus. At Seal Plus they Scrubbed and scrubbed,  


and buffed and buffed. 


And believe it or not - Otto again loves his auto.  And Pluto still loves his auto.  Otto still loves Pluto, but doesn't want Pluto in his auto.  So Pluto is miffed.

What we have learned is: Seal Plus will please everyone but your dog.  However, if you still wish to please your dog, Seal Plus will continue to please you.